Telling Tales  14 October- 15 Feb 2017 Collyer Bristow Gallery London

Artists: Sue Williams A'Court, Ben Coode-Adams, Iain Andrews, Helen Bermingham, Su Blackwell, Gordon Cheung, Simon Leahy-Clark, Ami Clarke, Graham Crowley, Peter Davis, Adam Dix, Annabel Dover, Tom Down, Richard Galpin, John Greenwood, Monica Ursina Jäger, Evy Jokhova, Stella Kajombo, Sandra Lane, EJ Major, Eleanor Moreton, Tim Shepard, Lex Thomas and Emma Talbot.

Curated by Rosalind Davis

" here was I, new-awakened, with my hand stretching out
and touching the unknown, the real unknown, the unknown unknown."

- DH Lawrence, New Heaven and Earth

"A fascinating exhibition that lures you in gently, and then slowly seduces you, until you find you've entered another world, another reality, the unknown ... A superb and cleverly curated show."
Robert Dunt on

Telling Tales is an exhibition rooted in fiction, in which worlds, truths and realities are created, dismantled and questioned.
The exhibition traces the fragile lines between utopian fantasy and its dissolution into dystopian realities. The artists are testing alternate narratives, realities and blueprints, examining life stories and unravelling (other)worldly designs "and the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our existence" [Lex Thomas]. Telling Tales showcases the work of artists covering the age range of 19-84.